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Beauty In Me Models

Beauty In Me is aimed to captivate and empower people, while inspiring the world with internal beauty.

Our purpose is to empower and build up our models confidence, so they can feel beautiful and free inside and out. We hope to inspire everyone to have a clear outlook on self-esteem, which helps them realize that they are truly beautiful no matter what society thinks. Beauty comes in many different shapes and sizes which is why Beauty In Me is here to change the industry standards and create our own fashion industry.


Beauty In Me was founded on June 19th, 2016. We have produced 14 fashion shows and modeled for over 50+ fashion shows locally in Michigan and out the state, while training over hundreds of models throughout the industry. Not only are we focused on modeling, BIM also cares for the well-being of our models. Our practices start off by doing group bonding and group discussions. Then we go into runway training where the model’s learn different walks and techniques.


Britttney Bivens

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“Life as you know it is just LIFE roll with the punches, lay down when you need to but never stop getting back up” 
Hi I’m Brittney Bivens and I am the Co Founder of Beauty In Me. Along side of being one of the Founders of Beauty In Me I am also a business Owner a mother and a wife. My life has been a interesting journey but finding myself within it has been my greatest reward. Working along side my husband to make a difference in the world has been such a great and beautiful experience and a completely different way of life. Even with being a founder, and running multiple businesses I do enjoy writing and reading on my down time. I love spending quality time with my daughter and my husband and dog Violet. I love the summer time with the hot sun and being able to enjoy the outdoors. Enjoying life and all the obstacles has made life so different but worth wild in every moment.

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Donald Bivens


"Life is about recreating yourself"


Founder of a Self-Love guided modeling company which focuses on cultivating the inner beauty of individuals expressed through modeling.

I am really passionate about helping people get to a place they desire to be if that's through modeling or a goal you have within yourself. I love empowering others to be the best version of themselves.

Some things I love to do:

- I love to sing

- I love playing the drums

- I love film directing

- I love fashion 

- I love teaching modeling

- I love production

I can honestly say for myself the moment I said yes to self-love my whole life changed. However, my pride and joy comes from my beautiful wife and daughter. 

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Our Team Member 

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Field: Director/Cinematographer


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